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About Company

PT WIRONTONO BARU As the pioneer in the shrimp processing industry, PT. Wirontono Baru is well-established in Indonesia, the 'thousand islands' country known for its abundance of oceanic resources.

For more than four decades, we have dedicated ourselves in providing our customers with the finest of shrimps through selective purchase, professional processing and reliable packaging. Furthermore, we have our own pond, whereby we can guarantee for antibiotic free and traceability.

Our enterprise currently consists of more than 1500 skilled workers and Quality Assurance personnels. Our plants are located in Jakarta, Banjarmasin, and Samarinda, yielding a total annual output of approximately more than 4,000 M/T of processed shrimps in 2005. In the coming years, PT. Wirontono Baru is looking forward to further increase our annual output.

Thus, we look forward to establish an amicable cooperation with you, providing you with none other than uncompromised commitment, freshness and quality.

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